Saskatoon Centre of the RASC Sleaford Site

The Sleaford Observatory, taken from the air on November 4, 2001 (after the leaves have fallen off the trees in the windbreak). The view is looking toward the NNW. The Warm-up Shelter and Patterson Observatory were moved from the Saskatoon Centre's old Rystrom Observatory. The Warm-up shelter has since been expanded and now includes a heated composting toilet. The University of Saskatchwan 4-telescope Roll-off Observatory is 21.3m (70 ft) long from the west end to the end of the roof support beams. The site is 3 acres in area with all of the land enclosed by the wind break and includes the "3rd Acre", which is currently not developed. Photo by Rick Huziak.

Directions to the Sleaford site are available on this map.